Tebay Ten Years On: Split-second decision saved rail worker’s life

Tom Angus survived the Tebay disaster.

Tom Angus survived the Tebay disaster.

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Almost ten years to the day, Tom Angus still doesn’t know why he made a split-second decision to move a metre from where he was stood on the track at Tebay. But what is certain is the subconscious choice saved the maintenance man’s life.

Just seconds later, the 16-tonne scrap rail-loaded trailer barrelled right past him and into his helpless colleagues. Father-of-four Mr Angus, 67, of Abbeystead Drive, Scotforth, said: “I was standing in the space between the two tracks and, for some reason, I don’t know why, some of us stepped out.

“That is when this black object came past with a ‘ssshhh’ and just ran right over them. I was just two or three feet from it.


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