Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Where have the holidays gone? This time next week both Andrew and Stephen will be back at school; Tom will be back at school the following week.

However, we seem to have popped in an awful lot into the holidays.

Tuesday was our trip with AOK to the fantastic Eureka museum in Halifax, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

To begin with Tom was a bit sensory overloaded, it is a huge space with lots of sound and noise, and he sat on the floor with his head bowed and fingers in his ears once we got there, but he soon adjusted and really enjoyed his day, as did Stephen.

The highlights for both boys I think, where walking through the giant teeth.

On Wednesday we all dropped Stephen off at his grandparents on the Wirral to have a week with them and from our phone conversations he is having lots of cake, chocolate ice cream and for a treat, hot chocolate before bed.

Thursday was a house day with Tom as he had spent two long days outside of the home, on a (and I quote) “long, long journey, far away from home”, so he was more than happy to sit in the house in his pyjamas, as well as bouncing on the trampoline.

Friday we popped into town and had a coffee juice and a visit to the Naughty Man in the Museum. Then during the weekend we had a fairly quiet time, although we did venture to the pictures for the special showing of ‘Thomas the Brave’.

He absolutely loved it. He sat and watched the entire film, right through to the end credits, then when we got home he re-enacted parts, including those of Cranky the Crane, who nearly fell into the sea.

Then on Bank Holiday Monday we had a fairly quiet day. The weather was rotten and to be honest he seemed pretty tired, so he played with his new Dino transformer car.

He also spent a good chunk of the day sat looking at an old roll of Mario Brothers wrapping paper, for reasons that completely baffle me.

So we have had a busy week and I really cannot believe that we only have a week to go.