Jo Worgan column

We have now got ourselves into a bit of a Sunday morning routine.

This is a good thing. What we now tend to do of a Sunday morning is get the bus into town, go to The Novel Cafe, as they serve yummy gluten free cake or as Tom likes to call it, ‘spongy cake’, visit the car shop and then back home.

This works really well for us as it is something that Tom enjoys and it is structured, he knows exactly what he will be doing.

Last Sunday morning while Tom was sat munching on his cornflakes he looked up at me and said, ‘pennies then Novel then car shop then Gingerbread Man then home’.

This is exactly what we did but sadly without the Gingerbread Man.

I usually buy the boys a Gingerbread Man each and then once we get home Tom will put his pyjamas on, sit on the couch with his IPad and happily eat his Gingerbread Man.

Sainsbury’s though, we found out, have now stopped selling them, to the best of my knowledge, as they have now started to put Easter eggs on the shelves and the Gingerbread Men were Christmas stock.

Anyway what surprised me was that he did not have a meltdown over it, he did shout out and scream ‘where are the Gingerbread Man’ followed by ‘man put it on shelf’ but after myself and Stephen calmly explained to him that there were no Gingerbread Men he simply said, ‘finish now, we go home’

So apart from the Gingerbread man incident we had a good time in town.

They both adore the Novel Café, it’s just a place where they can play with toys, Tom is usually surrounded by cars and Stephen will happily sit and look at books.

We can all sit and eat cake too in a safe and calm environment. I do love my Sunday mornings.