Guardian Comment: The height of rudeness

Lydon with Holly Willoughby.
Lydon with Holly Willoughby.
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Make sure you read page 10 this week, a fascinating insight into the realities of being very, very, tall. In a world which homogenises the human form, anybody a little bit different can be subject to treatment not generally acceptable.

Fortunately the lovely Lydon from Lancaster has taken it all in his rather large stride and bats off the rather repetitive comments regarding his seven foot one stature – which makes him officially a giant.

But it does make you wonder about our world, dictated by advertising and image which makes anything a little bit different subject to occasional abuse.

Lydon is using his physical traits to his advantage, not only modelling but embracing his height and developing relationships with the famous people he meets through his work at Wimbledon.

He has even auditioned for a Hollywood film and admits the ladies love his height. Good on Lydon. But all the same, it does not make the rudeness he experiences day to day acceptable.

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