Guardian Comment: Disaster averted, but only just

The damaged bus.
The damaged bus.
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It has been a week of near misses.

In one incident a double-decker bus shaved off it’s roof driving through a low bridge in Lancaster.

The circumstances that allowed this to happen are not clear but we can be very thankful, judging by the dramatic images of the accident, that the bus was empty of passengers and the driver unhurt.

On the same day a train hurtling through Silverdale crashed into a car on a level crossing.

Remarkably the occupant of the vehicle managed to escape just in time. The freight train was empty but for the driver – who again beat the odds to escape unscathed from the wreckage. The car itself was dragged 300m down the track – no-one could have survived that.

The further information that has emerged is worrying. The engine and two wagons were those used for transporting nuclear materials. That the train was on it’s return journey from Sellafield to Crewe is fortunate as the materials were no longer on board.

But it still raises many questions.

Both of these incidents were avoidable accidents and the consequences of what happened could have been considerably worse. Lets hope those in authority ask the right questions.