Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

In two days time there is an obstacle race course held at Lowther Castle and we at Fitness Formation and some of our clients are going down there to take part in order to achieve a number of different goals.

First and foremost, to raise money for the simply brilliant St. John’s Hospice. As part of our campaign this year we’ve raised well over £5000 in this first event.

We are a personal training studio, where everyone knows each other and what better way to overcome adversity, self doubt, low confidence and physical barriers than to take on a military obstacle course where you absolutely must work as a team in order to succeed.

Some ladies in our camp have never done anything remotely like this so it is going to be a big shock to their system.

There are giant walls you have to climb over, rivers you have to cross, mud you have to crawl through and so on.

The whole idea of this is that you overcome your fears, step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to your physical and psychological limit.

I believe in life, we should all do these three things. Number one, take action. You want something or you are not happy with your current situation? Then change. It really is that simple. Take action on anything it is you want to change.

In our industry, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, the first thing you can do to take action is to pick up the phone and ring any gym. The point being, you made the first step, which is always the hardest.

Secondly, know what you want. Seriously take time out of your busy day right now, sit down and write exactly what it is you want in life. Be as specific as you possibly can and don’t be hold anything back.

The third thing is to seek help. Go find someone else who has done what you want and ask for their help.

Go find help and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and be relentless in your consistent daily action and you will reach your goal in time.