Eric Ollerenshaw column

Eric Ollerenshaw MP.
Eric Ollerenshaw MP.

Last week I was extremely pleased to hear the County Council have decided to put on hold their plans to remove the evening and weekend bus services from our town and rural villages.

Following massive opposition to these plans from local people the County have now agreed to take another look at this and review each service route by route.

Although I do welcome this decision, I do realise there is a need for more use to be made of these buses and would encourage the council to look at new technologies to increase usage as well as trying to renegotiate a better deal with the providers.

However the one thing that has become clear throughout this whole process is that despite claims by some that this was down to “Government cuts” – it now seems the County is able to fund these buses after all.

Well done to everyone who did write in or email – it’s thanks to people like you that has , for the time being, saved this vital service.

I called in to see the pupils and teachers of Cawthorn’s Endowed School in Abbeystead.

As a former teacher myself it never ceases to amaze me what a fantastic job the staff do in our small rural schools – I do feel that because we have so many good schools locally we often forget just how lucky we are.

I also attended the morning section of a conference to discuss ‘unlocking’ Lancaster’s potential organised by Lancaster Vision and the Civic Society.

There certainly were some excellent points made about the potential of our city now the castle is coming on together with the ‘Centros’ development to add to the retail offer.

My thanks to the organisers and just one, hopefully constructive, comment at this stage is that I think more could have been said about the potential of Lancaster and Morecambe combined.

Finally I called in to the Dukes Theatre to discuss how things are going with them and their plans for the future.

Despite being a very successful and popular local theatre the Dukes also relies on the support of its friends and sponsors and if you would be interested in learning more about supporting this great local asset please visit