The Fall - chilling, remorseless and glacially stylish

According to an online dictionary I consulted –purely for the purposes of this first paragraph – the word ‘glacial’ can be defined in three ways.

TV and Film
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Thanks love, but my name is Nicola

We’ve all been there. When a complete stranger calls you ‘love’ or ‘darling’, how do you react?

Opinion 2
Coun David Brayshaw

Column: Rally to combat these unfair cuts

Lancashire County Council has announced more details of the cuts to local services and the planned disposal of council owned buildings which is going to have a dramatic effect on our local communities.

Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Are we mean or green?

The late, great, HG Wells once said “moral indignation is jealousy with a halo”.

Don't ring Carol Forster when it's bathtime

Column: Hang ups over the telephone

This week I’m back to the pet hates and one of my biggest – the phone call.

Bishop of Lancaster Rt Rev Geoff Pearson

Column: Children an inspiration in shrugging off hardship

It is nearly 12 months since the floods hit St Michael’s-on-Wyre when it was a miracle that the CofE primary School was able to stage its nativity play.

Robert Glenister as Bobby Day, Lesley Sharp as Lucy Cannonbury, Dino Fetscher as Alec Wayfield, and Indira Varma as Nina Suresh in ITVs drama Paranoid

They are paranoid, and I am out to get them

The coppers in the new crime drama Paranoid (ITV, Thursdays, 9pm) are a bit of a rum lot.

TV and Film
Rt Rev Geoff Pearson, Bishop of Lancaster

Column: Recognise and celebrate all of the positives refugees bring

Last weekend my oldest grandchild was six years old and had a party.

Columnist Carol Forster

Column: Through the unsettling streets of a long abandoned town

Craco is a somewhat spooky place.

I did it!

Ride Across Britain Day 9: I made it!

So. 970 miles, 23 counties, three countries, two lost toenails, one strapped knee and a really sore backside later - but I made it across Britain on my bike.

Base camp in the shadow of Ben Nevis

Ride Across Britain Day 8: The end is in sight

The end is well and truly in sight now.

Some of the beautiful scenes on day 7 of my ride across Britain.

Ride Across Britain Day 7: An awe inspiring day in the saddle

We are more than 700 miles in but things keep getting better.


Ride Across Britain Day 6: The home straight

Then three became one.

Offbeat 1
Lucinda Chambers, the undoubted star of Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue

A peek behind the skirts of the grand old lady of fashion

At one point in Absolutely Fashion – Inside British Vogue (BBC2, Thursdays, 9pm), the pony-tailed alien of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, airily waved a silver leather fingerless-gloved hand and said: “We are always thinking about today, not yesterday. There is no credit in the past.”
TV and Film
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

The tiny panda rolling over is cute but really....

It has been one of those weeks when I want to shout ‘get some perspective, people’ then retreat back to my cave with a large gin and tonic and a grumpy look on my face.

Shap Fell

Ride Across Britain Day 5: My toughest day yet

There are tough days. But this was another level.
Getting close to my home county

Ride Across Britain Day 4: The best day yet

Not just because we are back on home soil in the northwest after cycling 105 miles from Ludlow in Shropshire to Haydock Racecourse.

Columnist Carol Foster has found memories of childhood pets

Column: A childhood filled with all creatures great and small

As a young child, I loved animals and still do.

West End Festival.  Picture: Jonathan Bean

Column: Wonders of life on our doorstep

It’s strange that you can live in an area, travel around it regularly but miss what’s right under your nose.

This writing box is in pristine condition and very unusual

Perfect writing box in pristine condition

This week a regular customer to the antiques centre came in asking me to value a beautiful writing box that had once been his father’s.

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