LRGS pupils remember school’s heroes and fallen on centenary of conflict

John Fidler (centre) and LRGS head of history Hugh Castle in the schools First World War Memorial Library, with pupils James Fenna, Ross Hobbs, Max Mortimer and James Riach.

John Fidler (centre) and LRGS head of history Hugh Castle in the schools First World War Memorial Library, with pupils James Fenna, Ross Hobbs, Max Mortimer and James Riach.

Throughout 2014 Lancaster Royal Grammar School will be remembering the 400 former pupils and staff who fought in the First World War, and in particular the 75 former pupils (Old Lancastrians, known as OLs) who died, some of them at a very young age.

The school’s Memorial Library and the Memorial Playing Fields are permanent reminders of those who fell.

During this year, several projects at the school will tie in with the centenary of the start of the war, including a week-long summer arts festival and an on-going History Society project, involving students working with local archivists and historians to explore, amongst other things, local attitudes to ‘dissent’ to the war.

Historian John Fidler, who worked at LRGS for more than 50 years, including as Head of History and latterly, Admissions Tutor, has researched the role played by OLs in the First World War. Here is his account.

At the outbreak of war in August 1914, though Great Britain had by far the most powerful navy in the world, the army was small – some 160,000 regular troops.

The continental powers all disposed of much larger forces, including millions of trained conscripted reserves. Hence the appeal for volunteers, with more than half a million responding by the end of August, and another half million by Christmas, to form Kitchener’s “New Army” which would see action in the campaigns of 1915.

The Lancastrian (the school magazine) records the names of 106 who were serving by the end of the year, either in regular or Territorial Army units.

Of these 48 were in the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, which had two regular battalions (as did all army regiments) and two TA battalions – no.4 based in Ulverston and no 5 based in Lancaster.

These officers included OC Borrett who had left LRGS in 1892, and was already a Major in 1 KORLR. By 1918 he had reached the rank of Brigadier General, and had been awarded the DSO and Bar, the CB and the Croix de Guerre.

WRW Deed was a master at the school, a Lieutenant in 5 KORLR in 1913 and the first Contingent Commander of the school OTC, established in April 1914.

He joined his regiment in August, handing over command of the OTC to Lt SA Pakeman.

EM Lloyd-Evans was a Captain in the same regiment, but was killed in action in early 1915.

Fifteen of these OLs lost their lives in the war, the first being Captain BEA Manson (1893) who lost his life in German East Africa in 1914.

Another early casualty was Lt W Balshaw, a Housemaster who served with the 2nd Manchester Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant, and was killed on the Western Front on October 20 1914.

Two brothers, E Mortimer (1898, a Lieutenant in the Northumberland Fusiliers) and WB Mortimer (1894, a Lieutenant in the Durham Light Infantry) were killed in April and June of 1915.

Another 58 responded to the call for volunteers and enlisted between August and December of 1914.

Many had left LRGS six or eight years earlier, and so would have been in their early to mid-20s, established in a career and possibly married with young children.

This highlights the dedication to the cause of these volunteers. Equally, five had only left school in the summer of 1914, and four of them had been killed in action by May 1915.

Of these, SK Bates and EH Keir had left school in July 1914, had joined the King’s Own and been commissioned in the autumn of 1914. Stanley Bates, who came to LRGS from West End Primary in Morecambe, clearly thrived at the school. He won colours for rugby and cricket, gained promotion in the OTC, and became a school and Ashton House prefect.

When Bates joined the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, it is thought he was the youngest officer in the British Army.

He was shot while standing on trench duty in Belgium in May 1915, aged just 17. Keir later transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and was killed in action in 1917. He is commemorated by the EH Keir Memorial Prize, endowed by his parents after the war and still presented at the school’s Speech Day every year.

F Eltoft who also left in July 1914, and F Dixon, the school porter joined the King’s Own as privates. Both were killed in action in April and May of 1915.

The only one of these five who survived the war was AF Metcalfe who by 1918 was a Captain in 5 KORLR, with the MC and Bar.

In all 12 of those who had joined by the end of 1914 are among the 75 names on the Roll of Honour in the school’s Memorial Library.

Old Lancastrians who served during the First World War

This list has been compiled initially from information in the pages of the shool’s Lancastrian magazine.

It may contain inaccuracies, and is almost certainly incomplete.

Any further information would be welcome. Please contact John Fidler

Those killed in the war are shown in bold type. The date after the name is the year of leaving LRGS (where known). All deaths were on the western front, unless shown elsewhere. Those marked * were serving by December 1914.

Old Lancastrians who served during the First World War.

This list has been compiled initially from information in the pages of School’s Lancastrian magazine.

It may contain inaccuracies, and is almost certainly incomplete. Any further information would be welcome. Please contact John Fidler

Those killed in the war are shown in bold type. The date after the name is the year of leaving LRGS (where known). All deaths were on the western front, unless shown elsewhere. Those marked * were serving by December 1914.

Abbott WH 1915 Signaller, King’s Liverpool Regiment. Killed in action 1918

Adams R Queen’s Westminster Regiment

Allen CB 1903 2/Lt New Zealand Contingent. Killed in action 1918

Allen W Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

Allen W 1909 Pte 10 Manchesters. DCM 1915. Blinded at Gallipoli 1915

Ashton JRW 1911 2/Lt North Lancashire Regt (Loyals) Died of wounds 6 November 1917

Asquith WS O/Cdt Royal Air Force 1918

*Atkinson E 1899 Captain 5 KORLR Major 1915

Atkinson GA 1910 Pte 5 KORLR Missing in action 1917 – later reported as PoW

Atkinson GH 1908 Sapper Royal Engineers

Atkinson GS 5 KORLR

*Baildon GN 1902 Assistant Paymaster Royal Naval Reserve

*Bainbridge J 1900 Captain 5 KORLR Wounded in action 1915

Baines W 1916 Pte 23 Cheshires

Ball GF 1909 Pte York & Lancaster Regt. Killed 1 July 1916 on the Somme

*Balshaw W staff 2/Lt 2 Manchesters. Killed in action 29 October 1914

Bargh JL 1911 L/Cpl 8 Border Regt. Wounded 1915

Barrell H O/Cdt Royal Field Artillery 1918

*Barrow CE Lt 5 KORLR Staff Captain 1918

*Barrow EH 1910 Royal Engineers : Sgt 1916 Lt 1917

*Barrow JV 1905 Captain 4 KORLR

*Barrow LT 1913 10 Middlesex Regt To Royal Army Medical Corps 1918

*Barrow LT 2 King’s Liverpool Regt. 2/Lt South Wales Borderers 1918

Barton J 1915 2/Lt 5 KORLR Wounded 1917 & 1918

Barnish 1900 Lt 4 Pioneer Bttn, South LancashireRegt

Batchelor JE Acting Lt Royal Navy HMS President

Batchelor FA Captain 2 King’s African Rifles Died of wounds in Africa Nov 1917

*Bateman CM Major 5 West Ridings Wounded 1915 & 1918 Lt Col, DSO & Bar by 1918

*Bateman EM Royal Naval Reserve

Bateman EW 1897 7 Canadian Infantry. Missing, presumed dead 1918.

*Bateman JB 1900 Royal Naval Reserve Lt Cdr by 1918

Bates A 1915 2/Lt East Lancashire Regt Captain 1917 MC 1918

*Bates SK 1914 2/Lt 5 KORLR Killed in action May 1915, still aged 17

*Beatson J 1909 Lt 7 Loyal North Lancashire Regt Wounded 1916 & 1917

*Beatson J 2/Lt Indian Army

Beeson AG 1914 Lt Loyal North Lancashires Regts

Bell A 1913 5 KORLR

Bell A Oxford O/Cdt Bttn 2/lt Machine Gun Corps 1916

Bell A Manchester Regt

Bell AJ 1909 Sgt Royal Engineers

Bell FB Lt National Reserve Captain 1918

*Bell H 5 KORLR Lt 1916 Captain MachineGun Corps 1918. MC 1918

*Bell HA Captain 5 Lincolnshire Regt MinD 1917

Bell RA Listed among the dead 1918

Bell WR 1916 Pte Wounded 1918

Bennett JHR Cadet Bttn Artists’ Rifles. 2/Lt 1917 – 5 Royal Worcester Regiment

*Bentley AP 1912 3 Border Regt L/Cpl 1917

Bentley NP 1918 KORLR

Berk AF 4 Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

Binks BH staff 2/Lt 5 KORLR Killed in action Oct 1916

Birkbeck TA 2/Lt

Birkett GE 1912 Surgeon Probationer RNVR Lt RAMC 1917 Wounded 1918

Birkett R 1911 Royal Field Artillery

Blakely TS Cpl 5 KORLR Wounded at Ypres 1915 2/Lt 1916

Blurton AWA 1918 O/Cdt 1918

Bond E 1910 Lt 5 West Riding Regt, att Machine Gun Corps Killed in action 1st Oct 1918

*Borrett OC 1892 Major KORLR. DSO1917 & Bar 1918 Wounded 1918 Brigadier General CB

Bower A Sgt

*Bower F 1913 Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

*Brash W 1908 Cpl 5 KORLR Lt 1916 Killed in action 1917

*Briggs WN 1912 2/Lt 5 KORLR Captain 1916 Wounded 1917

Brockbank TC 1909 Gunner Royal Field Artillery Died of wounds at Ypres 1917

Brocklebank WT Royal Army Medical Corps

Brown AM O/Cdt Royal Flying Corps

*Brown T 5 KORLR

Brown W 1915 Gunner Royal Field Artillery Killed in action 1917

Brown WJ Pte Artists’ Rifles

Brunskill ME 1916 Pte Civil Service Rifles

Bryning JW Rifleman King’s Royal Rifles Killed in action 1917

Buttle F 1912 2/Lt East Yorks, att Machine Gun Corps Wounded October 1918

Calvert E 1916 Discharged unfit after accident 1918

*Canby FW Sgt 4 KORLR Died of wounds June 1915, aged 21

Canby TB 1911 Rifleman, Queen Victoria Rifles

*Carson TW Sgt 5 West Riding Regt Killed in action December 1915

Cargill Lt Col 1919

Cassidy CM 1899 Captain Royal Army Medical Corps

*Chalmers H 8 Cycle Scouts

Chapman EC Sub Lt Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

*Chapman H 5 KORLR Wounded 1915 & 1917 2/Lt 1917

Clark EG Captain, Recruiting Staff

Cliff J 1916 Army Pay Department

Cockroft GC Army Veterinary Corps

Cockroft JW Prince of Wales’s Civil Service Rifles Killed in action July 1916

Memorial in Christ Church Lived at 23 East Road (later Storey House)

Cockerill H 1915 Wireless Operator

*Cooper A 1913 Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

*Corless JS 1909 Lt 4 KORLR, att Sherwood Foresters Killed in action 19 Sept1918

Corkill AI 1912 Died 1920 as a result of hardship suffered as prisoner of war

*Coupland H 1912 Lt 5 KORLR Died of wound April 1915 aged 21

Crookhill R 1908 Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy

Cross AH 1909 L/Cpl 5 KORLR

Crossley A O/Cdt Royal Flying Corps

Davey FH 1911 Cpl dispatch rider Royal Engineers DCM 1918

Davies DH 1902 Pte 5 KORLR Killed in action at Ypres May 1915 aged 28

*Deed WRW staff Lt 5 KORLR 1913 Captain 1915 Saw action at 2 Ypres,Somme & Cambrai

Delves LW 1913 Gunner Machine Gun Corps Cpl Tank Corps 1918

Dixon FR 1889 Army Pay Corps Captain 1918

*Dixon J staff School porter to 1914 Pte 5 KORLR Killed in action May 1915

Dobson A 1916 2/Lt Durham Light Infantry 1917 PoW 1918

Docton HM 1918 O/Cdt Royal Engineers 1918

Dodd H Lt 18 King’s Liverpool Regt Captain 1917 Twice wounded 1918

Douglas RA 1918 O/Cdt Royal Navy 1918

Dove CK staff 2/Lt Royal Garrison Artillery

Dowbiggin EA 1913 Royal Naval Reserve

Dowthwaite JB 1898 Pte Army Service Corps Transport Died from malaria in East Africa 1916

Ducksbury H Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

Dunderdale JE Pte Royal Army Medical Corps Wounded 1918

*Earnshaw C 1908 2 Coldstream Guards

Edmondson A 1908 Staff Sgt Royal Engineers 2/Lt 1917

Edmondson T 1912 Pte 5 KORBR Killed in action 1916

Ellis CL 2/Lt Machine Gun Corps 1917

Ellis R Pte Royal Engineers

*Eltoft F 1914 Pte 5 KORLR Killed in action April 1915

*Eltoft J Royal Army Medical Corps To Royal Flying Corps by 1918

Escolme JL 1915 Gunner MM1917

Evenden S Wireless Operator

Evans WO 1911 L/Cpl 21 Signal Company Royal Engineers

Ewan JT 1910 5 KORLR

*Fawcett O Warrant Officer British Expeditionary Force 1914

*Fawcett W Capt 5 KORLR Major 1916

Featherstone HL staff Pte Army Service Corps 1918

*French WA 1908 5 KORLR

Galloway AC 1916 North Somerset Yeomanry 1918 – 2/Lt Lancashire Fusiliers

*Gardner JW Lanarkshire Yeomanry. 2/Lt 5 KORLR 1915 Wounded 1918

*Gardner R 1907 5 KORLR

*George W (Dr) Lt (MO) 5 KORLR. West Lancashire Field Ambulance unit as Captain MC

Gerrard H 5 KORLR Killed in action 1916

*Gerrard R 1912 10 Middlesex Regiment

Gibson JL Lt Liaison staff with Portuguese Forces Wounded 1918

GibsonL 2/Lt Manchester Regiment

*Gilchrist J Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

Gilliland G staff Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery Wounded at Salonika 1917

Goad EJ Royal Welch Fusiliers

*Gooch H 1902 Lt Royal Engineers Captain 1917 – MC Major 1918-DSO

*Goodall E 1910 Pte 5 KORLR L/Cpl 1916

Gornall NC 1917 2/Lt Royal Engineers Killed in action 1918

Gornall JG 1918 O/Cdt 1918

Gorrell A Pte Manchester Regiment Cpl 1918

Gorton CB 1909 Captain 1917 – wounded

Gough HPB staff Major MC & Bar Died of wounds April 1918

Grant JR 1917 O/Cdt 1918

Green RJ 1910 Public Schools Bttn

Greenall DN Lancashire Fusiliers PoW 1918

Greenhall TA 1912 American Expeditionary Force 1918

Gregson E Royal Field Artillery

Grice R 1916 Lt 12 Sqn Royal Air Force 1918 – DFC

Gunson J 1916 O/Cdt Royal Flying Corps 1917

Gunson J Sgt 21 Manchester Regiment

Guy AJ 1913 3 Border Regiment Missing, presumed killed in action 1916

*Hall WRP 1911 Lt Royal Field Artillery To Royal Flying Corps as Captain1917 MC

Hall E 1908 5 KORLR Killed in action 1916

Hall TSI 1902 Lt 8 KORLR Missing, presumed killed, in Mesopotamia 1916

Hamilton EAD 1912 2/Lt Labour Corps

Hamilton FWG 1911 Captain MinD 1916 Major 1918

Happold EC 1918 O/Cdt Royal; Engineers 1918

*Happold FC 1911 5 KORLR 2/Lt Loyals 1914 DSO at the Somme 1916, as Lieutenant

*Harris PC 2/Lt 5 KORLR Captain by 1918. Gassed 1918

Harrison E 3/4 East Lancashire Regiment

Harrison E Sapper Royal Engineers

*Harrison MC 1895 Lt Royal Irish Rifles Wounded & PoW 1914

Harrop JA 1916 2/Lt King’s Shropshire Light Infantry Killed in action 8 October 1918

Hart J Wireless Operator

Hatch JD 1912 Signaller 5 KORLR 1915 Killed in action 25th August 1918

Hayhurst C Pte Royal Fusiliers Killed in action 22 August 1918

Hayman PMC Captain 5 East Lancashire Regiment

Helme J 2/Lt

Helme TW O/Cdt Bttn

Henshaw AG 1912 Lt – Cadet College Madras

*Hilton B 1909 5 KORLR

Hodgson GH 1914 Royal Naval Air Service

*Hodgson JH 5 KORLR Wounded 1916

Hodgson JW Pte King’s Liverpool Regiment Wounded 1916 Killed in action 1918

Hodgson RE 1917 2/Lt 1918

*Hogarth BW Major 5 KORLR

Holderness H 10 Hampshires, then 2/Lt Sherwood Foresters 1915 Killed in action1916

*Holland RL Captain Army Service Corps

Holloway NE Artists’Rifles OTC 2/Lt Warwickshire Regiment 1918

Holmes J 1917 KORLR

Holmes T 1908 Royal Flying Corps

*Hoult JL 1906 6 Norfolks. Lt 13 West Yorkshire Regiment 1918

*Hoult NP 1909 3 Wessex Field Ambulance Unit

Howarth C 1909 Royal Field Artillery

Howson WG 1916 Pte

Howson GRP 1900 1 Royal Fusiliers. 2/Lt KORLR 1916 Killed in action 1917

Howson JW Motor Ambulance Company

Hunter J 1901 MC 1917

*Huntington FD 1899 Cpl 5 KORLR Lt 1915

Hutchinson W 1909 Civilian – in Carlsbad in 1914 – arrested & interned

Iniff F 1915 Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1918

*Irving R Sgt 5 KORLR Wounded 1915 CSM 1916 Lt 1916 Killed in action 1916

Jackson AB 1917 Royal Welch Fusiliers

Jackson GW Sgt 4 Coldstream Guards DCM 1915 Killed in action 1916

Jackson RE Captain Royal Field Artillery Wounded 1918

Jackson W 1916 KORLR Wounded 1918

Jemmison R 1908 Pte 5 KORLR

Jervis BA staff 2/Lt Wiltshire Yeomanry PoW 1916

Johnson FD Gunner Wounded 1917

*Johnson FH 1913 Pte 5 KORLR Mapping staff at Divisional HQ 1915

Johnson JH 1911 L/Cpl KORLR

Jowett HAD Lt 9 Kent Volunteer Regiment

Keen W 1907 Wireless Section Royal Engineers

Keetly H 5 KORLR Died 1920 as a result of military service

Keir EH 1914 2/lt 9 KORLR To Royal Flying Corps Killed in action 1917

Kellett HH 1913 5 KORLR Lt 2 Lancashire Fusiliers 1917

Kendall E` 1914 2/Lt 3 Lancashire Fusiliers Wounded 1917 Lt 1918

Kennedy C 1898 Sgt MFP

Kenyon E 1914 4 KORLR

Kirkbride RW Pte County of London Regiment Sgt 1918 Killed in action Sept1918

Kirkby A 1908 Lt 14 West Yorkshire Regiment

*Kirkby G 1910 5 KORLR

*Kitching TW 1909 Malay States Volunteer Rifles

*Knowles WE 1905 L/Cpl Cumberland & Westmorland Yeomanry MM 1917

*Lambert F 1910 5 KORLR

Lamport F Lt Royal Field Artillery Wounded in 1916 & 1917

Lamport H Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps (surgeon)

Langstreth E 1905 Sub Lt RNVR Royal Naval Division at Gallipoli Killed in action 1916

Lay A Sgt 7 Border Regiment

Leach DW O/Cdt Royal Air Force 1918

Lee J 1909 Pte 5 KORLR

Leggett EAM CSM Dublin University OTC

Leggett MCM Lt Baganda Rifles MC Died of fever in Uganda after active service Leighton TS Ambulance driver, French Red Cross

Lloyd-Evans EM Captain 5 KORLR Died of wounds March 1915

Locker D 1910 Private Royal Field Artillery

*Lomax A 1912 Lt 6 Seaforth Highlanders Major 1918

Long E staff Pte KORLR 1915

*Lord CE Major Staffordshire Regiment. Killed in action June 1915

*Lowden N 1901 Canadian Army – transferred to Royal Engineers Won MC in 1918 as Lt

Lowens VE O/Cdt Royal Engineers 1918

Lowry A 1918 5 KORLR

*Manson BEA 1893 Captain 61 Pioneers Killed in action in East Africa 1914

*Marriott GEJ 1907 Lt 16 King’s Royal Rifles 1915 Captain 1917 Killed in action 1917

Marsden H Cpl Army Service Corps

Marsden NR 1917 2/Lt Manchester Regiment 1918

Marsden R 1895 2/Lt 6 KORLR Wounded 1915

Marshall TG 1 East Lancashire Regiment Missing in action Oct 1916 – presumed dead

Mason J 1909 Pte Middlesex Regiment Wounded 1918 in Middle East

*Mather D 1909 2/Lt King’s Liverpool Regiment Killed in action 1917

Maudsley W KORLR

McCall WB 1912 2/Lt 10 KORLR Lt 1916, to 4 KORLR

McCullum EA 1889 2/Lt Trench warfare Instructor serving “somewhere in Russia”.

McDonnell BA 1912 Sgt Middlesex Regiment

McGeogh RA 1918 O/Cdt 1918

*McGowan CH 1909 Bombardier Royal Field Artillery

McManus RB 1912 5 KORLR

*Meadowcroft N 1909 5 KORLR

Mellor CS AB Royal Navy

Mercer HL 1906 Lt 7 KORLR Captain 1917 Wounded 1916 & 1917

*Metcalfe AF 1914 2/Lt 5 KORLR

Metcalfe WH 2/Lt 1917 MC 1917 Bar 1918

Milner H 1917 Army Pay Department

Moon JH

*Mortimer E 1898 Lt Northumberland Fusiliers Killed in action April 1915

*Mortimer WB 1894 Lt 2 Durham Light Infantry Killed in action June 1915

Morton A Manchester Regiment Killed in action 1917

Murray HS 1912 Royal Field Artillery

Nelson A 1913 Pte 4 Lancashire Regiment

Newton TM Pte Canadian Army Wounded 1916

Newton W 1898 Sgt Manchester Regiment Killed in action 1916

Nixon F Royal Air Force 1918

Nuttall RH 1917 2/Lt 1918

Oglethorpe CO Royal Fusiliers

Oglethorpe EA 1909 New Zealand contingent Died of wounds 1917

Oglethorpe HC 1903 2/Lt

Oglethorpe JN 1905 Pte Honourable Artillery Company

Oglethorpe RS 1909 Lt 11 KORLR

Owen CH staff Pte 1918

Pakeman SA staff Lt Wiltshire Regiment MC 1917 Captain 1918 Wounded 1918

Palmer HH 1910 Lt Manchester Regiment

Parker GM 1903 Captain Royal Australian Medical Corps

Parker JJ Pte Australian Veterinary Corps Sgt 1916

Pape H Pte 5 (Canadian) Saskatchewan Regiment Killed at Vimy Ridge 24 May 1915

Phillips T 1915 2/Lt 10 KORLR Captain 1916 To RFC (10 Sqn) died after crash 1918

Phillips WR staff Lt Royal Garrison Artillery 1918

Phillipson RW 1910 Royal Air Force Photographic section 1918

Pilkington SV 1915 2/Lt 11 KORLR Captain 1916

Pinch W 1908 5 KORLR Wounded 1915 2/Lt 1917 Killed in action 1917

Pollard RC Royal Garrison Artillery Wounded 1916

Porter FS 1917 2/Lt Artists’ Rifles 1917

Porter RP 1909 Pte Inns of Courts OTC Lt 1916 MC 1918 PoW 1918.

Power CJ 2/Lt 9 Shropshire Light Infantry

Price JT 1911 Pte 5 KORLR Cpl 1916 2/Lt 1918 Missing in action – presumed killed 1918

*Prickett JE 1911 8 Durham Light Infantry Missing in action – presumed killed 1915

Proctor JW Gunner Canadian Division Royal Field Artillery Lt 1916 Killed inaction 1916

*Pulliblank JB Engineer Lt Cdr Royal Navy DSO 1917 Later a Rear Admiral

Pym CH 1909 Cpl Wounded 1918 Awarded MM 1918

*Ray AC 1910 Pte 5 KORLR L/Cpl 1917

Ray JC Trooper Household Cavalry Wounded 1917

*Ray MB Captain Royal Army Medical Corps

Redhead A 1911 Sgt Royal Army Medical Corps

*Redhead P 5 KORLR

*Relph RA 1908 Pte 5 KORLR

Richmond GE 1915 2/Lt RFC

Riley JM 1914 Wardroom Steward Admiralty Transport Service

Riley L 1915 Pte Wounded 1918

*Ripper AG 1913 5 KORLR L/Cpl 1915 Killed in action May 1915

Ripper LC 1917 O/Cdt London Regiment

Ritchie R Pte 107 Training Reserve Battalion

Robinson EC 1911 Pte New Zealand Contingent

Robinson EV 1903 Army Chaplain in France MC

Robinson F Pte Wounded 1918

Robinson H 1907 Cpl Royal Engineers Sgt Grenadier 1916 MM 1917

Robinson JS 1916 Sgt Instructor

Rogers AE 1915 KORLR

Rogers HH 1911 Assistant Paymaster Royal Navy Sub Lt 1915 (Executive branch)

*Roscoe C 1913 5 KORLR 2/Lt 1917 MC 1918

Sams RA staff 2/Lt 5 KORLR 1918

Sandham JD 1911 Warrant Telegraphist Royal Naval Reserve

Saul NM Canadian Expeditionary Force

Sayle GRF Lt Royal Field Artillery Died of wounds May 1915

Schofield JN Lt

Settle RF 1916 2/Lt Artists’ Rifles Lt 1918

Seward AC (Prof) Cambridge University OTC

*Seward FW Captain 5 KORLR Major 1915 Wounded 1917

Sharples FP 1912 4 Royal Fusiliers

Shaw T 1910 Civil Service Rifles Gassed at Cambrai 1917


Shepherd AA 1913 5 KORLR Name added to War Memorial 1923

* Simpson ER 5 KORLR 2/Lt 1916

*Simpson WE Sgt 5 KORLR

Simpson JWE Royal Air Force 1918

Singleton JE Lt Royal Field Artillery

Singleton RH 1908 Sgt Army Service Corps At Gallipoli 1915

*Smith GH Pte Royal Fusiliers Machine Gun Corps 1916 DCM 1916 Lt 1916

Smith JW Lt Col Royal Army Medical Corps

Smith FH 1908 Lt 4 Welch Regiment At Salonika 1918 – dysentery – discharged

Snowball JE 1915 Pte Royal Welch Regiment L/Cpl 1918 Missing in action – PoW

Soward EA 1904 Lt Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Soward FA Sgt Royal Air Force 1918

Sowerby J 1908 Sgt King’s Royal Rifles, later 2/Lt Northumberland Fusiliers PoW 1918

Spooner K 1909 L/Cpl 5 KORLR

Standen EB 1912 Cpl 5 KORLR

Standen G Royal Army Medical Corps

Standen JW 1908 Northumberland Fusiliers Killed in action 1916

Steele N 1916 Pte Killed in action 1916

*Strickland G 1906 4 Seaforth Highlanders

Stuart P 1907

Sutcliffe F 1909 L/Cpl 3 Pioneers

Swain JA 1913 Sgt Royal Army Medical Corps

Swainson JG 1898 KORLR 2/Lt Army Service Corps 1918

*Taylor CA Ceylon Engineer Volunteers

Taylor ER Singapore Volunteer Reserve

Taylor FE Malay States Volunteer Reserve

Taylor RED O/Cdt Artist’s Rifles

Taylor WR 1898 Lt Royal Army Medical Corps

Thompson HP 1912 London Regiment Killed in action 1917

Thompson J 1917 Sub Lt Royal Naval Air Service

*Thompson R Major 5 KORLR

Thompson SK 2/Lt Army Service Corps

Thomson S Cumberland & Westmorland Yeomanry

*Threlfall R 1905 Sgt 5 KORLR 2/Lt 1915 Killed in action May 1915

Thurston AD 1906 Lt Army Service Corps Shell shock 1916 OBE 1920

Thurston GA Cpl Royal Engineers CSM 1917

Tilly W Captain National Reserve PoW Camp Lancaster (on Caton Road)

Townsend EJD 2/Lt Royal Field Artillery

*Tunmer EJE Captain Shropshire Light Infantry Wounded 1915

Turner RS 1910 2/Lt KORLR

*Tyson GW 1913 Marconi Operator Royal Naval Reserve

Tyson TM 1903 Anti-Aircraft Corps, Royal Naval Air Service

Vant EH Captain

Veevers TW 1911 Pte 5 KORLR DCM 1916 for rescue of wounded officer under fire

*Vince BJ Pte 5 KORLR Wounded 1915

Vince CH Ceylon Rifles

Vincent TNB staff Lt 1 KORBR

*Waddington F 1910 Pte 5 KORLR Stretcher bearer Wounded 1917

Walker GAA Royal Navy

Warbrick HJ 1914 2/Lt KORLR Wounded 1917 PoW 1918

Watson WR 53 Manchester Regiment

Wearing JH 2/9 Middlesex Regiment

Webster EG Signaller Royal Engineers

*Webster GC 5 KORLR to Royal Warwickshire Regt. Missing March 1918

Welch ABS Captain 13 Lancashire Volunteer Battalion

Welch EA 1910 8 KORLR To Royal Flying Corps 1916 Killed in action 1917

*Welch J 5 KORLR

*Welch W Major 4 West Ridings

Whitehead A Pte South Wales Borderers L/Cpl 1918

Whitehead M 1913 2/Lt King’s Liverpool Regiment Killed in action Thiepval 12 August 1916

* Whitehead R 5 KORLR Missing in action 1916

Whittaker FC 2/Lt South Wales Borderers Shell shock 1916

Whittaker R 1916 Pte 4 Border Regiment L/Cpl 1918

Whittaker WH Machinist QMS Royal Artillery (MT)

Widdop AN 1905 Artists’ Rifles, to 4 West Kents, then RE Killed in action 30 Sept 1918

Widdop C L/Cpl Manchester Regiment Killed in action April 1918

Wilcock E 1910 Pte Army Service Corps – driver PoW 1918

Wilcock L Lt Royal Flying Corps Wounded and discharged 1918

Wilcock M 2/Lt 4 KORLR

Wildman E 1911 Pte Lancashire Fortress Engineers

Wilkinson M Lancashire Fusiliers

Wilkinson F 1910 27 Battalion 3 Australian Imperial Force

*Williams GV 1912 Lt 4 Loyals Captain 1917

Williams RT 1915 Army Service Corps

Willis J Royal Army Medical Corps

Willis T 1909 5 KORLR

Wills AG Lt 7 Sherwood Foresters Killed in action 1915

Wingate AW ` Lt 1 Royal Dragoons MC 1915 ADC to General

Wingate-Saul NW Captain Army Ordnance Department

*Wolfenden T Colour Sergeant 5 KORLR QMS 1918

Wood SH 2/Lt 5 KORLR Killed in action 1917

Woods H Pte West Lancashire Royal Field Artillery – driver

* Wright WO Captain 5 KORLR Major 1915 DSO 1918

* These were serving by December 1914.

The rank given is the first known, with promotions where notified.

Most served on the Western Front, including all casualties, unless otherwise indicated.

Totals of those serving Killed in action or died of wounds

Army * 368 69

Royal Navy 21 2

Royal Air Force** 8 1

Merchant Navy 3 -

US Army 1 -

Unit not known 5 3

Totals 406 75

* Army figures for all known units, including those serving with Commonwealth forces.

Of these 114 are known to have served with the King’s Own, of whom 26 were killed.

** The Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, incorporating the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service. The eight listed here joined in 1918, direct into the RAF.


CB and CMG - 1

OBE - 1

DSO - 6 (2 with bar)

DCM - 5

MC - 14 (2 with bar)

MM - 4

DFC - 1

Croix de Guerre - 2

The DSO and MC awarded to Major H Gooch were later given to the school by his sister, as was the MC awarded to N Lowden, by his daughter.




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