VIDEO: Muppet row at Lancaster bus crash site

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A man was told to hop it by police when he tried to take a picture of his Kermit the frog puppet at the scene of a bus crash.

He was frogmarched from the scene after a double decker crashed into a bridge on St George’s Quay in Lancaster, ripping off its top deck.

The man tried to place Kermit next to the stricken bus so he could take a funny photo but was warned off by a policeman.

The bus crashed into a footbridge near Lancaster Bus Station at around 11.30am on Tuesday.

There were no passengers on board and nobody was hurt. A spokesman for bus operators Stagecoach said the bridge was not on a planned bus route and an investigation was taking place.

We have an exclusive video of the Kermit incident. No frogs or humans were harmed during the filming.




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