SLIDESHOW: Exercise turns into real-life rescue

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Firefighters practising a rescue on the sands ended up doing it for real after a boy got stuck.

Liverpool Coastguard were called at 7.55pm on Monday by the boy’s dad saying his son was stuck in mud near Arnside Tower.

Nearby crews at Sandside including firefighters from Lancaster rushed to the scene and used special inflatable walkways to rescue the boy, who was up to his chest in mud.It took an hour to rescue the 13-year-old from Kendal, who had been fishing for flats with his friend, said John Taylor from Lancashire Fire and Rescue.

The boy was stretchered out of the mud and taken to hospital for treatment.

John Taylor said: “It was a textbook rescue and it went very well .It just unfolded as the exercise would. The tide was rising but it wasn’t a race against time.”




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