Government are “desperate” to get fracking backers

County Coun Gina Dowding
County Coun Gina Dowding

A Lancaster councillor has described a government incentive to promote fracking in local communities as a desperate move.

This week, the government announced that English councils that backed “fracking” would get to keep more money in tax revenue.

The prime minister David Cameron said English local authorities would receive all the business rates collected from shale gas schemes - rather than the usual 50 per cent.

County Coun Gina Dowding, who represents Lancaster Central said: “In Lancashire we’ve seen a huge groundswell of local opposition to fracking. People are rightly concerned about how it will impact on their homes and their communities.

“This latest move to buy us off smacks of desperation and will only further strengthen our opposition to fracking.”

Peter Cranie, from the North West Green Party said the government was now resorting to “effectively bribing” local residents in a desperate attempt to impose fracking on communities.

“This money is being snatched from vital public services, already under huge pressure due to government cuts,” he added.