Fear for murdered woman’s family

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The family of a young woman beaten to death by her husband fears he may soon be released and could end up living near them.

Tracey Bonnell was 23 when her jealous husband David beat her to death with a piece of wood at their home in Skerton, Lancaster.

Tracey’s dad, Ken West, was one of the paramedics who attended the scene on Albert Road in 1997.

Tracey’s mum Marie said the family is worried that David Bonnell will end up living near them.

“It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind,” she said. “We just don’t want to be thinking about it. This is just a constant reminder. If we had definite information on paper at least we could get on with our lives without this hanging over our heads all the time.”

The probation service has said it will endeavour to make sure that Bonnell doesn’t end up living near the family.

The Wests used to live in Newton, Lancaster, but moved to Bolton-le-Sands, six years ago.

Marie and Ken adopted Tracey’s children Callum and Amy as well as fostering more than 100 children over the years.

Marie, a Catholic, said: “Life should mean life. Why should he come out and enjoy himself after what he has done. In an ideal world I would like him to stay in jail until the day he dies.

“I want him out of the north west. If the kids want to contact him they can, it should be up to them.”

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