School is now officially good with oustanding qualities

Nursery children at Bentham School celebrate their good Ofsted  by doing the Welly Dance
Nursery children at Bentham School celebrate their good Ofsted by doing the Welly Dance
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Staff and pupils at a village school are living up to their motto - and that’s official.

Bentham Community Primary’s motto “Building our future, step by step” has been lived out in reality according to inspectors from the Office for Standards in Education.

An inspector who visited the school was impressed with the way the headteacher, assistant headteacher and governing body have created a strong team to rapidly improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Headteacher Catherine Boocock said: “ The Inspector saw our school as we see it.

“The areas he wanted us to improve were ones we had already recognised and we were able to show him the plans we had already made.”

At the last inspection in 2014 the Lancaster Road school was placed in the Requires Improvement category but standards have risen so much that every area was given a Good rating apart from the early years provision.

This was awarded Outstanding status.

The inspector said: “ The progress pupils make across the curriculum, including in reading, writing and mathematics, is good.

“Pupils’ progress accelerates in Year 6 and is outstanding in this year.”  Disadvantaged pupils make as much progress from their starting points as their classmates do and pupils with special educational needs do very well.

Governor Helen Jarvis said the l school was improving attendance adding that it was only the amount of pupil absence that had stopped the school getting an overal l ‘Outstanding’ grade.

Mrs Boocock said: “We were told that it is almost impossible to move a school from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘outstanding’ but we have done it.”