Two boys stole wheelchair from Asda

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A wheelchair theft from Asda in Lancaster has been described by police as “an ill thought out prank”.

The wheelchair was stolen after its disabled owner, 51, left it near the store’s mobility trolleys in the foyer at around 10.30am on Friday, August 30. The culprits are believed to be two boys. PC Darren Rotherham said: “The consequences for the victim are far reaching and had it not been for Asda loaning him one of their own chairs to used it is likely he would have to be admitted to hospital.” The boys are believed to be local. The first is described as between 12 and 14, with slim build, dark collar length hair and wearing a Manchester United shirt and white shorts, grey socks and trainers. The second boy is the same age, dark blonde hair, wearing a grey top with a motif on, blue jeans and bottoms. Call 101 or 0800 555111 with information.