Closer - review

The cast of Closer.
The cast of Closer.
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PATRICK Marber’s award-winning comedy of manners Closer was such a success at the National Theatre’s stage première in 1997 that its run continued for more than a year in London.

It then had a run on Broadway, was made into a film, and has since been seen and translated across the globe.

Superficially, the play follows the adventures of two couples over some four years, depicting each individual’s struggles into and out of both love and lust. There’s comedy aplenty here, and not a little pathos, in the real tenderness and affection between the individuals.

Underneath this veneer, the play’s rich, elegant text betrays a brutality and some painful moments as the protagonists follow their individual and collective destinies in the inevitable manner of Greek tragedy.

Sounds confusing, depressing? Well, strangely it isn’t. This production by final-year drama students at the University of Cumbria beautifully highlights and spellbinds us with the highs and lows, thrills and squabbles of the emotional switchbacks of the four.

See the Lancaster Guardian (09-02-12) for full story.