Walk: Widdop

Walk Widdop
Walk Widdop

The South Pennines is a fascinating area straddling the Lancashire-Yorkshire border east of Burnley and Haslingden. This linear walk provides a good insight to all that the area offers.

Walk up to the dam end of the reservoir and turn left to the far end where a monumental service building adorns the shore.

Turn right following the track as it passes below a conifer plantation.

This leads onto the Gorple Road.

After the track levels out it reaches a fence.

At the metal gate turn left. For convenience it is best to keep the fence on your left.

There is a path but it is not well defined and has a habit of disappearing in boggy depressions along the way.

Persist and 1000m after Hare Stones you will be on top of the bulk of high ground known as Black Hameldon.

For the next section of the walk all suggestion of a path disappears as you drop to the Long Causeway, a road that links Cliviger with Hebden Bridge.

Fortunately it is a short section – 500m and it is downhill. Aim to the left of an isolated cottage to cross a stile onto the road. Turn left.

There now follows a mile of road walking along the Long Causeway.

After passing an extinct pub on the left take a footpath on the right.

This leads across to Bride Stones, a large outcrop of grit stone adorned by a trig point. From here follow the obvious path leading east which joins a lane.

Turn right. Keep on the lane for 15 minutes.

After passing a junction on the right turn left onto a footpath about 200 metres further on.

This drops down through fields to a small stream.

After crossing the first field bear right to pick up a path marked out by yellow topped posts.

These lead past a ruined farmhouse and an embankment to a footbridge. Cross this and continue with the stream on your right to reach a lane.

Cross to the drive of Hippins and then beyond the house turn right onto a path that soon leads back to the stream as it cuts deeply into a wooded valley.

This is Jumble Hole Clough.

Cross a footbridge to pick up a path leading past a ruined mill. Beyond this bear left onto a path that soon joins a wide track.

This leads downhill to a small industrial settlement and then after passing beneath the railway joins the busy A646. Turn left.

Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and then bear right past sewage works to reach the Rochdale Canal.

Follow this into Hebden Bridge.