REVIEW: Jeeves and Wooster, The Lowry, Manchester

Jeeves and Wooster - John Gordon Sinclair and James Lance.
Jeeves and Wooster - John Gordon Sinclair and James Lance.

If it really has taken nearly 100 years for P.G. Wodehouse’s comic duo to reach the stage in this form, then waiting a year or two longer for something closer to the original might not be asking too much.

On its first national tour out of London, where it won a best new comedy award, it arrives as a flattened-out physical farce rather than anything resembling the sublime writing of the author’s stories.

Once again the Lowry’s main stage auditorium seems too vast for what is essentially a three-man performance.

John Gordon Sinclair (Jeeves) and James Lance (Wooster) aided by Robert Goodale – who with his brother has adapted the story – quite literally throw themselves into a riotously daft plot. 
Only occasionally do you hear some of the rich Wodehouse dialogue. The best that can be said is that Jeeves & Wooster, in this form, appears to know its audience, even though the energy generated on stage does not always power sufficient laughs from them.