A gift from one mum to another...

Two mums are hoping to spread a little festive cheer to parents spending the holidays in hospital by handing out Christmas boxes.
Christmas decorations

Where are the best Christmas shops?

From Christmas trees and wreaths to baubles and snow machines - we all like to get in the festive spirit.

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Mike Thompson and his son Dean at the finish line in the Gobi Desert

From the Gobi to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

A father and son duo, who have braved the searing heat to run across some of the world’s most infamous deserts, are about to undertake their latest challenge much closer to home and they want volunteers to join them.
Cat Smith MP with a #SupportAdoption placard.

Lancaster MP Cat Smith backs National Adoption Week campaign

Lancaster MP Cat Smith has given her support to National Adoption Week and its campaign for people across Lancaster and Fleetwood to #SupportAdoption.

Jane Binnion (right) with her mother Doreen and daughter Isabella.

Caring for mum and daughter for a working woman

Millions of people struggle with work and caring for their children and an elderly relative. Lancaster mum, daughter and businesswoman Jane Binnion explains how something had to change to help her with this 21st century dilemma.

The Wagging Tail

Lancashire venues

Thanks for your online votes. Here is the top five as voted by readers.

Pam Derbyshire

A verger's dedication is honoured at special service

A devout church-goer is celebrating 30 years as a church verger.
Preston Mela

Top 10 things to do in Lancashire at the weekend

Here is our guide of things to do at the weekend.
Rose Parsons, Britney Skinner and Ellie Kenyon at Longridge Youth Club

Youngsters climbed their way to an action-packed night out

From racing round a crystal maze and feeling blurry eyed with beer goggles, these youngsters enjoyed a host of activities at their youth club.

What sort of parent are you?

Tiger, free-range – the pros and cons of popular parenting styles

What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.

REVEALED: What ACTUALLY happens on a stag do

REVEALED: What ACTUALLY happens on a stag do

If you had the sneaking suspicion your average stag night was just a group of blokes repeatedly getting knocked back from bars before finally gaining entry to their chosen city’s least salubrious establishment for a night of cheap booze and cliched advice giving - you might be right.

Warning ... these could be dangerous

Owners of twins baby carrier urged to stop using it over broken buckle fear

The manufacturer of a specialist baby carrier has been forced to issue upgrade kits for 4,000 units after reports that a key part might fail.

Have you helped yourself?

7 reasons why parents raid their kids’ piggy banks

Nearly half of parents admit being “piggy bank raiders” who dip into their children’s cash to pay for parking, takeaways, taxis, school trips and the window cleaner.

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‘Bank of mum and dad’ lends £5 billion a year

Children in the UK will borrow a total of £5billion from their parents to get them on the property ladder in 2016, according to data from Legal & General (L&G).

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What are your worries as a parent?

The 20 modern worries for parents

Having perfect Instagram pictures and well-travelled children are among the top 20 modern-day pressures facing parents, new research reveals.

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Does your smartphone come before your child?

Parents’ smartphone addiction leads to ‘less intelligent’ children

Children’s attention spans are being damaged by the amount of time spent on smartphones... by their parents, according to new research.

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The taxi of mum and dad

Parents run up 700 extra miles a year as ‘taxi’ for kids

Parents clock up an average of 700 extra miles a year acting as a taxi service for their children, reveals new research.

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What's in a name?

Will these be the most popular baby names of 2016?

Leave the traditional names at the door, and welcome in the innovative and unusual for the new year.

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School place appeals by parents ‘up 8% on 2013/14’

School place appeals by parents ‘up 8% on 2013/14’

Rising numbers of parents are lodging appeals after their children were denied places at a chosen school, with tens of thousands submitted last year, figures show.

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CBeebies: Future in doubt

CBeebies: Parents unite to save kids’ channel

Worried parents have tried to contact Prime Minister David Cameron in their efforts to save BBC children’s channel CBeebies from the axe.

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